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America’s Authentic Country Music & Camping Festival. 3 nights & 2 days of pure country perfection. The best country music experience in America!!


Join us for the 5th anniversary celebration of Tumbleweed Music Festival! The best country artists, camping and unforgettable memories - all in a spectacular summer camp setting with forest camping, RV's, canoe trips, pool party, zip lines, horse-drawn carriage rides and so much more. Tumbleweed is the best country party of the summer!



May 28th – 30th, 2020

Greater Kansas City / La Cygne, KS


Join thousands of authentic country music fans from across this Great Country for a weekend of real country music, camping, canoe trips, hiking, fishing, helicopter rides, country vendors, and Kansas City BBQ.

From the moment you arrive at Tumbleweed, you’ll immediately realize the difference between Tumbleweed and other country festivals… and it only gets better from there.

Located right off 69 Highway, perched in the beautiful rolling hills of southern Miami County and among a 4,600 acre wildlife preserve – including the 2,600 acre La Cygne reservoir, Tumbleweed’s festival grounds are among the most spectacular venues in the United States. After you park, you’ll be greeted with the option to take a horse-drawn wagon to the campgrounds or hop a ride on a bicycle-powered taxicab right to the main stage area.


More than two-hundred RV’s hug the Forest Camping area. Tent/Forest Camping at Tumbleweed is unlike anything available in this Great Country. Tent campers set-up tent-to-tent in the grassed- and manicured-forest camping area. Camping offers an incredible party atmosphere that welcomes campfires, grilling and horse-drawn carriage rides. 

With a ‘Relaxation Station Pass’, campers can enjoy the amenities of shower facilities, real restrooms, resting bunks and charging stations.

Cabins are available just steps from main stage with lake views and ‘glamping’ amenities such as running water for showers, restrooms, electricity and bunks.

'Elevated Tents' are set-up for you, waiting for your arrival in the shaded forest camping. Enjoy a queen-size bed, water-proof tent and a hassle-free experience.


Tumbleweed’s festival activities set it apart from the pack. Beyond the music, Tumbleweed offers a pool party, canoe trips, zip line, fishing, horse-drawn carriage rides, lakeside bonfires and country craft and food vendors. The adventures alone -without the music- make Tumbleweed an unforgettable weekend. The festival has also teamed up with KC Watersports to showcase stunt devils of cable wakeboarding – watch as they do flips, jumps and ride the rails in the ponds adjacent to main stage.


Top talent performs on a single main stage, enabling you to enjoy all of your favorite artists – without conflicting set times at different stages. The second stage tent features emerging talent to enjoy the country’s best emerging country artists.

At Tumbleweed, we’re all a family – celebrating the best of real country music in the best country atmosphere available anywhere in this Great Nation.


Tumbleweed festival organizers are focused solely on the fan experience: no lines, no traffic. We’re cultivating a unique country experience and growing almost exclusively by word-of-mouth. It’s no secret why 92% of last year’s attendees responded to a unanimous poll stating they were ‘Very Likely’ or ‘Definitely’ returning to Tumbleweed next year – and it’s only getting better from here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at



Top-23 Country



in the USA

—  Wide Open Country

MAY 28th - 30th 2020


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